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Us living our naked and personal truth.
In alignment with nature, deepening our strenght

and staying agile in all changes.

Enjoying life while navigating it by the signals

of our body, our intuition and our heart.


I enjoy conducting trainings

and help in initiatives and projects that are about:


Supporting Change | Connected Living

Body Wisdom | Finding Nature's Rhythm

Living mindfully | On & Offline Balance

Nicole Gaillard april 2023.jpg

We live in a time of change that is tremendously fast-paced.

It increasingly challenges us to live our most authentic self in order to

feel connected, meaningful and maybe even make an impact.

What has worked well until today suddenly won't work tomorrow.
Relationships and work settings change and we have to keep reinventing ourselves. New opportunities present themselves quickly and spontaneously, but which ones are right for us?
How to stay our course?

Let's slow down, take real good care of ourselves and our loved ones. Make sure to relax and recharge, connect with nature, regain focus, get creative, develop inner leadership, increase body awareness, enhance coping, balance information overload.

And please don't forget to play!


Warmly, Nicole

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