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Great Catch-up with Carina #4 - on&offline | trauma | when to move

Yes! We are back and recorded another conversation :D

A wonderful spontaneous catch-up.


This time we compare notes on balancing our online and offline activities - and the effect we experience of our mental versus grounded energies.


We dive into how to keep moving forward if you are not sure where to go next.

Carina shares how she finds her traveling destinations: how she knows whether to move, or stay put, and where and when to go.


And last but not least we enter into a whole different topic: the power of trauma therapy based on my very recent experiences - the value of melting frozen emotions and experiences with the right practitioner at the right time.


There was so much joy in our re-connecting,

I hope you enjoy our talk as well!

Much love!

The links we discussed:

Find out more about Carina on her website

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