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Talk with Carina #3 - relationships | collaborations falling apart

Why are so many relationships falling apart in these times? One of the questions in another wonderful conversation on letting go of relationships and work related- or financial collaborations which no longer feel in alignment


We talk about following our intuition, our internal promptings, our bodies wisdom

at an ever deeper level. We touch on societal expectations, gender roles and explore the meaning of equity of men and women. Which includes the importance

to stop pleasing and hiding our needs.


Finally, we uncover the magic of nature's workings in relationships and the need for courage

to keep things aligned


I really loved this talk.

Enjoy it!

P.S: You hear us use words like "intuition", "personal instructions,", "embodiment" and "internal promptings" interchangeably. Because we realize that in different circles, different terms are used. All terms have similar value to us.

Find out more about Carina on her website

See our first conversation here:

 And our second conversation here:

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