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A time of change! Ready to follow your heart?

I had this great catch-up yesterday with one of my oldest friends.

We found out that both of us travelled to beautiful Mallorca recently.

And that we are both in a time of change.

You know that nagging feeling when you sense it is important to leave the old and familiar

and go for the new and adventurous?

You probably have times like that too, right?

What is your best approach?

It seems more and more people feel the need to change,

at least something in their lives.

Earth is changing. Nature is changing. We all need change.

New ways of doing things, new habits, new ways of eating, new places to visit, new friends,

new relationships, new work and maybe even a new place to live.

Windows of opportunity come fast these days.

Did you notice?

You either go for them and take the jump, or they pass by just as fast.

For me, this time in between, the liminality, when the old needs to go and the new is not there yet, is a time to dream big and follow my curiosity, my creativity.

Is a time of deep trust and be ready to jump.

Change always feels so alive, adventurous and a bit scary, it comes with letting go of

the familiar, with uncertainty and some form of risk.

But then I asked myself:

What will happen if I don't change?

If I don't follow my heart?

Dreaming Big @ Porto Cristo 🤩

I guess I know that.

I have chosen reason and responsibiliy over my heart enough times.

To know I will get slightly more bored with what I am doing.

Less enthusiastic, a bit more tired and weary.

Life however,

is way too short and precious to keep living in that energy.

Someone recently asked me:

"What would happen if you gave your wildest dreams 110%?"

Adn for a moment the question stopped me in my tracks.

What is going to happen if I do that?

If I keep moving full force towards my enthusiasm?

Without listening to my mind, or to what others say?

I don't know....

But I need to find out!


To make sure I keep taking steps, I structured this in between time.

I am ready to dream big and jump!😅

I have several afternoons blocked in my agenda each week

just to create, have fun and follow curiosity in this area.

Then, when I asked our river Maas (that's where I go for the difficult questions) where to get the right help to make sure I would not go any other way then this path of my heart.

Two things happened....

First I got the impulse to check Instagram. Which normally I would have resisted because at that point I was already

a bit late for the date with my oldest friend.

But I checked Instargram anyway and the first (and only) reel I saw

was Elaira's offering for 1 on 1 coaching.

Elaira is this really juicy coach, who will keep inviting me (and if necessary) poke me

to create fully from my heart. I have had help from her before and she is so wholehearted about this way of life. I mailed her and coaching was arranged within that same day.

The second thing that happened is that I got offered a competence test by one of our goverment agency's, to see where I am at now.

I came as a surprise, but I took the help.

That was also arranged within one unexpected phone call.

So I asked...

and life responded.

Life's flows where the heart goes, it seems.

Of course I will keep you up to date on how this adventure evolves.

And now I am curious to know how following your heart works for you?

Do you do that? And if so, how? What does it yield?

Will you let me know? I'd love to know.





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