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Nature Speaks! She communicates with you

Nature communicates with us, all day long.

Most of us just don't register it anymore.

And we're not used to listening.

Indigenous tribes still live deeply connected to nature, and feel

how they are part of it. But many of us, no longer have that experience.

We read about nature in books and watch the most wonderful documentaries.


However, you and I are also part of her.

And we also communicate with nature. But how can you notice that?


Our body is the receiver and the sender when it comes to our connection with nature.

Just as it is for every animal and plant.

Like the trees they know everything about each other and help each other through the fungi, the mycelium, in the soil. In a similar way nature hears us, too.


Everything we experience, every thought, emotion and physical state is registered by her.

The earth, the trees, plants, animals, insects, they are aware of us too.

And I would even go so far as to say that the air and water are also very aware of us.

At least that is my experience.


It doesn't take much to notice that you are part of it.

Just a little attention.


When I am outside, slowing down and being mindfully present in nature,

something happens.

I relax more deeply and consciously connect with the place where I am.

I become quiet, sink deeper into my body, become more present and start to observe.

I am there fully, without wanting or expecting anything.


The first thing I notice at that point, is how quickly we become part of nature again.

You probably recognize it. When you get quiet in the woods, maybe just sitting in silence.

Suddenly the birds are active in a more natural way. Animals and insects return to their normal rhythms and it becomes more lively.

Ever noticed it? So beautiful huh!

You probably also notice your connection when you are afraid. For example

of a wasp, a big dog, a horse or any other animal.

That wasp or those animals know full well that you are afraid.

And it makes them alert and sometimes skittish.

Because when you are afraid, you are out of touch

with your natural environment, you become unpredictable.

And they don't like that.


However, if you are present in your body and calmly in touch with your emotions, whatever they are, then animals are more likely to just go about.

When you relax, everything in nature relaxes.

In that sense, you and I are deeply connected to nature.


For communication, nature uses all elements at its disposal.

The sudden rustling of the leaves on the trees near you.

Scents you suddenly smell, a raindrop falling on your face.

A gust of wind or breeze on your skin.

A sudden ray of sunshine.

Animals or insects showing themselves.


That is the way nature communicates with us.

Not in words or thoughts.

They are moments of being heard, being seen.

Communication in the way that a moment, feeling or a thought is being emphasized. Nature also communicates with sounds such as thunder.

I love to stop what I am doing and go into a window opening to look when it is thundering. Watching and listening and registering the feeling in my body that comes along

with the thunder.


I invite you to pay attention to these loving communications of nature.

Take time to watch and listen to her in all her facets.

And notice what is happening around you when you have just asked yourself a question.

Or when you've had an important thought.

What happens around you at that exact time?

What do you notice something in your body?

What do you feel?

Do you feel seen or heard?


Synchronicities and chance encounters is another way in which nature communicates with us . Through a phrase you catch and it resonates.

Through situations that arise spontaneously and you think:

"Wow that's a coincidence!"

Nature uses everything, every aspect from life.


That's why being mindful in nature is such a magical attitude.

Of course it's wonderful to be mindful in nature in order to slow down, relax, rest and recharge. But it's also a great way to experience life more deeply.


I'd love to know how communication with nature works for you!

Feel free to share your experiences.

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