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Talk with Carina #2 - rapid changes | unexpected solutions | deep connection

Time is speeding up even more, how to navigate these rapid times. Another wonderful conversation on the enormously rapid changes over the past few weeks. Many things are happening in a very short time. We both agree that if we are well connected,

we can feel what to react to and what not to react to.


We discuss how we constantly have to restructure, how sometimes things suddenly go wrong or can't be done. And a solution comes almost immediately,

but from an unexpected place.


We talk about particularly deep encounters, more connection with ourselves, with nature, with the people around us. More synchronicity, but also more conflict.


We conclude with how we all actually live an artist's life.

I'm curious to know how you navigate this fast-paced time?

Let me know what your experience is.

Find out more about Carina on her website

Watch our first conversation.

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