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1st Talk with Carina - life without (smart)phone | need for good communication | fast times

On life without a (smart)phone, the need for good communication ánd connection with ourselves.

Recently, I had a inspiring conversation with Carina Ramm.


Carina travels all over the world, working in local projects that contribute to their environment and communities. She is particularly good at following her feet, her intuition.

Enough ingredients for a rich heart-to-heart conversation.


We start off about life without our (smart)phone, then we switch to the importance of connection with ourselves and nature. And we wrap up with the need to stay in alignment with the people we care about, with whom we have a warm connection. We both recognise how important

fluid communication is these days.


I enjoyed this special conversation immensely.

Curious what it's like for you!

Some background:

- Carina's website: - Her blog on living without a phone for 15 years now: Happy & free without a phone

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