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AI: An important interview with Mo Gawdat - Ex-Google Officer

Artificial Intelligence is something you may use or play around with. You probably read or heard about it, it has been in the news a lot. Many systems an social media apps have already added AI. And chatgtp can be pretty useful.

But honestly, most of us don't understand that much about AI yet.

AI is developing so unbelievably fast, it now has a consciousness of its own.

Do you have any idea what that means for you and me?

Neither do I. I only know that its impact is huge and is going to affect us all in the near future in ways we don't yet see.

Below is an interview, for me it is one of the most important and urgent conversations of our time. Whether you already know quite a bit about AI or nothing at all, I recommend you take your time for this one.

A conversation straight from the heart between Steven Bartlett and Mo Gawdat who was at the cradle of AI.

"EMERGENCY EPISODE | E252: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat"

  • Steven Cliff Bartlett is the host and interviewer behind podcast series The Diary Of A CEO. He is also a well-known British-Nigerian entrepreneur.

  • Mohammad "Mo" Gawdat is a well-known Egyptian entrepreneur and writer. He is the also the former Chief Business Officer for Google X. He was a developer at the cradle of AI and is also the author of the books Solve for Happy and Scary Smart.

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