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Let's amplify appreciation!

Appreciation is a beautiful energy to practice.

With true appreciation, there is an open and pure energy.

There are sparks! No preconditions, expectations, just deep joy for what it.

When we recognize our own value and start to appreciate ourselves deeply,

regardless of what other people think or say...

life responds.

Appreciation for self naturally translates into connection

and deep appreciation for life itself.

Making even the small things in life beautiful.

Life loves to responds to that!

Have you noticed that it starts offering experiences to match this beautiful sparky energy?

It activates a flow of pure potential and abundance.

We can appreciate life by gifting our smile to a random stranger in the street.

Saying "Good Morning!" to the bus driver and looking him with a smile when we say it.

Holding that piece of fruit we are going to eat, for just one moment,

in our hands with appreciation. Actually feeling it.

Small things like that create a riple and a beautiful flow in life.

Let me know how you amplify appreciation in your life!

We all have our own beautiful ways

and I think we can inspire each other on this.

For me and my daughter life's response was amplified last week.

We went to the island Mallorca, for quality time 🥰 and for enjoying life.

We had so much fun together, discovering the island. 

Enjoying the sun, the people, the palm trees, the gorgeous mountains,

the oranges and the beautiful coves and bays!

A magical place.


Full of wonder in a Jungle garden @ Palma the Mallorca

Somehow our appreciation of it all,

boosted an unapologetic flow of freely giving.

The more we enjoyed and appreciated,

the more people were determined to give.

We received this great upgrade for our rental car.

We got really good tips on the local ways, that made our stay so much more enjoyable.


A restaurant we passed by, had a beautiful lime tree in front of it. As we were walking by my daughter and I looked up and smiled in appreciation

of the tree. Pointing out the many limes.

The owner saw us and came outside, he started plucking limes from this tree

to share with us... just because we were full appreciation.

He gave two hands full of limes with a warm smile

and a lot of Spanish sentences I did

not understand.


But I got the love!


The same thing happened in a local farm shop we visited,

we were appreciating the beautiful local fruits and vegetables they sell. And on several occasions even the owner gifted us strawberries from the land.

And they were so good!


In another shop with colourful dresses my daughter bought a small bag. We had such a nice and long conversation with the owner and her daugther, I can't remember what is was about, but we were laughing a lot together. When it was time to say good bye, the owner insisted on giving several gifts from her shop.


We met people that shared their time with us, their laughter and their loving attention.

It touched me to receive so much in such a a genuine loving way.


Of course it is so much more easy to be

appreciative when we are on a vacation. But this was not a one time thing for us.

This is an attitude we cultivate.

And it brings magic to our lives.

Will you inspire me? And share a story of your heartfelt appreciation?

Or let me know how you cultivate it?


Feel free to message me,

or even better leave a comment below for us all to enjoy !!

Much love for now!

PS: Appreciation is one of the biggest aspects of Connected Living. Next Thursday, May 16th I am organizing a 1 hour webinar on Connected Living.

This one is in Dutch, so if that is your language, make sure to attend. It is freely given.

If you would like to attend a Connect Living webinar in English, be sure to let me know and I'll plan one soon!

Full of appreciation for this man in Palma de Mallorca !!

Here's my insta-post showering the love.

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May 07

Dear Nicole,

thank you for the link to your beautiful post! What a great stream of gifts. 

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