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Try this Digital Detox

How is your on- and offline balance?

Is it good for you to spend less time on your phone?

Have less screen time?

Due to the shorter days here and the months of rain this winter, I am spending more time inside and on my laptop. Which is okay, but I can feel a change in my energy levels.

More offline time would benefit me.

So I challenged myself.

Sharing with you how I did it.

Just in case you could use some inspiration too (or kick in the but) 😅


I have to put in place a structure if I want to really increase my offline time. This is what I usually do for 1, 2 or 3 days, or during a holiday:

  1. Fixed place for the phone I put my phone in a fixed place and leave it there all day. If I can I turn my phone off or leave it at silent mode. If that is not possible because people need to reach me, then ofcourse it stays on. If you have a smartphone, make sure notifications, sounds and alerts for all apps are turned off.

  2. Minimize screen time No social media, no chats, no watching video's, reels, no scrolling or searching online. Also no other screens like tv, tablet or laptop to watch movies, series, or scroll.

  3. Checking calls and messages on set times 3 Times a day I check my phone for messages and if necessary I reply. - Just before breakfast (max 15 minutes) - Just before lunch (max 15 minutes) - Just before dinner (max 15 minutes)

These are big changes for many of us.

So if you are going for it, see what you can do.

And notice what it feels like to not be online that much.

TOGETHER And yes you might get bored, so do it togehter with someone. Challenge a friend, a colleague or your partner.

And make your offline time a nice one!


Before you go ahead...

  • Let people you are in touch with on a regular basis, know that you will be less available. But you will check their messages 3 times a day.

  • Get creative with your offline time. Meet up with friends and family. Take a walk, plan a hike, go biking, cook together, make music, play sports, play a board game, read that book you wanted to read, take a long hot bath/shower.... Enjoy your time!!

Let me know if you have tried it.

What did it feel like?

What works for you?


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