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Bank op Autumn Leaves

Nature hears you.

Your thoughts, your movements, every emotion, every struggle and every outpouring of love.

She is the underlying intelligence

of this world, this universe.

Whether we know it or not, we all live by her principles.

She is loving and fierce.

She is all about change and doing no harm. She is always pure.

And in essence, so are you and I.

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"There is no need to always be in a hurry or in control of things. There is a more natural way.

Where you connect, maybe even slow down, so you start following the natural current of life.


You will still get results, experience fulfillment and feel meaningful.

A deep connection with yourself is key: with your personal truth, your heart,

your body, your natural rhythm and nature."

Blogs & talks on Natural Living and On & Offline Life. I hope they inspire you to keep moving towards nature.

I currently work in projects that are meaningful for me, mostly when change is needed.

As a mindfulness trainer I also help people to slow down, get outdoors and live more connected.

A sample of what I do:

Natuurervaring Team
Tomatencrèmesoep op foto


Supporting start-ups and changes


I support start-ups, projects and places where change is needed. Changes that improve the wellbeing of people and nature. Examples: vision building during product development at a training company, helping a coaching startup to make their complex methodology simple and online available, helping a second-hand clothing initiative to become more self-managing, help initiate a neighbor-hood composting system.


Personal support & nature walks


Personal support for the balance of your on- and offline life. Giving your smart-phone and devices a new place in your life. Take time to really feel how much of your day you want to spend on them? Figuring out which apps can be used less, finding alternative ways. Increasing body awareness oh how much on- and offline time you actually need. Manage information overload. Improve the quality of your offline life.


Training, personal support, nature walks


Deeply connect with yourself, others and nature. Live a more mindful life. Listen to your body, your heart and take the signs seriously, follow that wisdom. Always including yourself in all requests you receive. Adjust your daily rhythm so you can be your most authentic self and do your most passionate work. And when you are aligned, start listening to nature. Find out the different aspects of nature and how she communicates with you.


Warmly, Nicole

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