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's-Hertogenbosch area,

the Netherlands

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Nicole Gaillard

Trainer, Mindfulness & Nature Guide, Supporter of Change

We live in a time of change that is tremendously fast-paced.

It increasingly challenges us to live our most authentic self in order to

live our best life, feel meaningful and maybe even make an impact.
So slow down, take time to relax and recharge, regain focus, get creative, develop inner leadership, reduce stress, balance information overload, enhance coping and increase your body awareness.

Nature and mindfulness can be very helpful with this.


Work wise I offer advise, out-of-the-box thinking, practical help in local initiatives, start-ups and projects that create change for people and nature Also, I organize team trainings / personal support on:

Inner leadership | Mindfuness | On- & offline balance | Natural rythm


Warmly, Nicole

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