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The magic of super loving self care

Hello love,

How are you doing?


Winter time is a great time to dive into the magic of super loving self care.

It is so important to build a respectful and loving relationship with yourself, with your body.


Over the years I learned a lot from practices like yoga, mindfulness, from many health professionals and coaches. And like we all do, I developped my own

super loving self care rituals. And I'd love to share them with you,

because they make my life a bit more magical each day.


These are my 8 favourites: ⭐️

1. Sticking to what my body needs / honouring to my natural rhythm

2. Spending time in silence

3. Being in nature

4. Keep moving

5. Amplify coziness (to the max !!)

6. Physical touch & emotional connection with loved ones

7. Having unstructured time & following my curiosity and my favourite of all:

8. This question: How can I make this moment even better for myself?


Enjoy the vlog !!

So, what do you do to make your life even better? What are your inspirations for super loving self care?

What rituals work best for you?

Feel free to share!

Leaving you with 2 inspirational posts

from beautiful women that inspire me to me keep up with super loving selfcare:

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