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Are you thinking about your privacy?

As we roll into summer I am in the midst of a personal change

and wanted to write a blog about it....

- I have wonderful entrepreneurial coaching ánd I am discovering the artist in me. A rich combination that challenges me to live and work even more deeply from my heart -

... then it strikes me how many news items and updates I receive

about social media, message apps, AI

and invasion of privacy.

Technological developments are moving fast.

I think it is important to keep each other informed.

It gives us the freedom to keep re-examining our daily choices.

So here we go...

2 News items that struck me the most:

  1. Our data being used for AI training purposes 🤞🏼

You've probably seen this one in the news.

Meta is using all our personal data, updates, comments, post, photos, videos on Instagram and Facebook to train their AI. According to Meta, it is not legally necessary to inform all users about this. From what I read however, opinions on that are divided.

Meta was legally pushed to stop collecting our data temporarily until last 25 June 2024.

There was some media coverage about it and users were able to formally opt out.

But Meta does not garantee it will allow your opt out.

If you have not heard of this, find the opt out links and more information on site like:

Opting Out

You can still fill in the Opt Out form by the way.

In our Dutch Opt Out form,

Meta actually only asks for influence or impact we think this will have on us.

Personally, I did not give an impact (reason) for the opt out,

other than that I do not give my consent for this.

I just don't like the legal game when it comes to clear privacy laws,

to ask for a reason within this objection.

Allowing Meta if they don't like your reason, to reject your opt out.

So in both fields (Indicate how this affects you & Additional information)

I only indicated that I do not consent.

In roughly these words, "I do not consent to any usage of the past and future updates I post on this instagram account [username], including data, comments, photos or videos."

My objection was approved by Meta almost immediately,

I received their mail comfirming this within 1 day.

Whereas my daughter sent in her personal explanation about how this does not feel right for her, and she still hasn't heard anything (weeks later now).

Just sharing some experiences here.

2. We are being monitored every 5 seconds 🤞🏼

Another interesting update I received is this one:

A slightly more technical video. And I have to be honest, I don't understand the full details. But I listen to it anyway because there is an important message in it.

What I understand about it, in my own words:

What Apple is going to do on all its devices this year, and what Microsoft has been doing for a long time: they read (screenshot) all your messages even before you send them.

This is how they bypass the end-to-end encryption of the apps which secures your messages. They do this in all your messages apps and chats: WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Messages/SMS, etc..

Every 5 seconds, all your interactions on all devices are screen-shotted and that data is prepared for AI to read. In doing so, the tech giants circumvent current privacy laws. Because it's not humans that violate your privacy in the first place,

it's computers/robots.

And there is, as I understand it, no law for that yet. Our data goes to the employees working at that organisation, but only in 2nd instance. That doesn't seem to be included

in our privacy laws.

By the end of this year, the prediction is, AI will be monitoring all our actions.


Hard to find words for that. Be sure to watch the video yourself.

Important to inform yourself well and not rely on my understanding of it.

In what ways would you like to protect your privacy?

Our offline lives

I find it awkward information.

It feels uncomfortable and frankly, maybe even unsafe.

What is true about it?

And if it is true, how will they use our personal data?

Surely it will mainly be for good causes?

I have no idea.

I can feel I need to rethink this for myself.

And get clear about what works for me.

So I'm thinking about:

  • How many hours a day do I have devices with me?

  • And when can I do without them for a while?

  • Where are my devices when I sleep?

  • And would aeroplane mode be enough? (Not for me).

My laptop is in a faraday case at night.

And the dumb phone I use is always in a fixed place downstairs.

What I do know is that meeting each other offline is becoming increasingly important.

Just outside, on the street, in the woods or by the water.

Without a device in ours pockets, or bag.

Is that still possible?

I was wondering...

How big is your offline life?

How many hours a day are you without a device nearby?

And how does it feel when you are without your smartphone?

Uncomfortable questions?

Feel free to share your experiences.

Much love for now.



A favorite quote by Akeekwe. I love it because it get's life back into perspective. How would you like to fill your days?

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